[R] Read In and Output Postscript file

Tony Plate tplate at acm.org
Wed Jan 28 23:55:27 CET 2004

One way to approach this from within R would be to use gs to convert the 
preexisting postscript file to some sort of bitmap, and then read that into 
R and plot it.

Another way to do this, outside of R, would be to use the capabilities of 
gs to combine multiple ps files (for example, I often generate multiple 
single-page postscript files, and then use gs to wrap them up in a pdf).

hope this helps,

Tony Plate

At Wednesday 02:19 PM 1/28/2004 -0600, Brad Holmes wrote:
>I am only a few months old at R and I have encountered an interesting issue.
>Would it be possible to read in a pre-existing postscript file, and output 
>it "as is" through R?
>I have five plots, and I am placing them in a layout that is 2 X 3. I was 
>hoping to "insert" the pre-existing postscript file made from Molscript in 
>the last spot.
>Thanks for your time!
>~Brad Holmes
>Research Assistant
>Texas A&M University
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Tony Plate   tplate at acm.org

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