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On Wed, 28 Jan 2004, "Hüsing, Johannes" wrote:

> > From: Prof Brian Ripley [mailto:ripley at stats.ox.ac.uk]
> > On Wed, 28 Jan 2004, "Hüsing, Johannes" wrote:
> > > ?apply for more info. You'll want to know about apply if
> > > you want to avoid loops (which is a good approach).
> > 
> > Unfortunately apply() is a wrapper for a for() loop, so will 
> > not help much 
> > (if at all).
> whoops; so is the choice between both a matter of style? Or is
> it implementation-specific for R, and not generally true for S?

It is not generally true for S.  The case studies in chapter 7 of `S 
Programming' show that efficient ways are implementation-dependent.

In some versions of S-PLUS (e.g. 3.4) apply was much faster and in some
(5.0) it was much slower.  Using lapply() (which has a C-level loop) is
sometimes rather faster in R.

In this particular example garbage collection is taking about 50% of time
of the pure R solution, so exactly what is done in what order can matter.  
knn1 is 20-30x faster since it works in place with space allocated just

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