[R] R and unix tool 'screen'

Fredrik Karlsson fredrik.karlsson at ling.umu.se
Wed Jan 28 09:46:04 CET 2004

Hej Giampiero!

Odd. Using Screen version 3.09.11 and R-1.8.0 on a
Debian system, R does not trap C-a. I can fire up R in a screen, create
a new screen with C-a c and even detach/reattach the screen session.
The terminal emulator is xterm.

Perhaps you are using a terminal that traps the C-a? (just a wild 


/Fredrik Karlsson

On Tue, Jan 27, 2004 at 06:02:53PM +0100, Giampiero Salvi wrote:
> I have problems running R with screen. For those who don't know,
> screen is a unix tool that is quite handy if you want to leave
> a process (that outputs to tty) running when you logout, and
> then recover the session later on.
> It works like this:
> 1) run 'screen': you get a normal prompt as if you were in a normal
> shell.
> 2) run whatever command you like
> 3) press 'C-a d' to detach the session. Now you can logoff if you like
> 4) when you want to recover the session type 'screen -r'
> The problem is that R seems to catch the 'C-a' signal, and nothing happens.
> Since there is no way to detach the screen, there is no use to it either.
> Is there a way around this problem?
> Giampiero

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