[R] Learning to use survey package

v.demart@libero.it v.demart at libero.it
Mon Jan 26 17:42:04 CET 2004

Being an  electrical engineer "lent" to statistics, I'm now studying the stratified sampling techniques using the survey package and its documentation. 

I've found somewhat complex the example in the package also for the magnitude of the dataset used and the not-clearly-exposed purposes of the sampling, and my attempts to find something in the net through Google ended up with a flood of useless info.

What I would find extremely helpful would be having a very simple example developped step by step, starting from an **easy** dataset, setting the aims of the sampling, and showing in a straightforward way the actions to be taken (of course, better, but not necessarely, using survey).

Do you know if there is anything of this kind available in the Internet?

Thanks for your help    


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