[R] scan() Bug?

Greg Riddick gr3k at virginia.edu
Mon Jan 26 16:45:51 CET 2004

Thanks for your suggestions on dealing with binary files, Prof Ripley

I ended up using this method:

PDF = file("file.pdf","a+b")
PDFlines = readLines(PDF)
(Extract Some Information From PDFlines and create some objects to add back
to the PDF file)
writeLines(newobjects, PDF, sep = "\12")

So I opened the file as binary in read/append mode.
Works fine now...though I have noticed that the sep character that actually
gets written to the file is -2 the value specified.
So I wanted \10 and needed to specify \12 to get it. Am I doing something
wrong here?

I'm working on an R package to add annotations(hyperlinks, popups etc.) to
PDF files that I should release in about 2 weeks.  Should be useful
especially to the bioinformatics
people who use R. Incidentally, the uncompressed PDF files that I have seen
R produce are actually just plain text files---human-readable ascii
characters delimited by CR or CR/LF.  They are binary only in the sense that
a cross-reference table at the end of the file records byte offsets of
individual objects in the file. So insertions and deletions cannot be made
without updating the
cross-reference table.

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> On Thu, 22 Jan 2004, Greg Riddick wrote:
> > I'm reading a file into a list by:
> > PDF = scan("file",what="character",sep="\10")
> >
> > "\10" is the newline character in this file, also tried "\n" originally
> >
> > On lines that are ended by "\13\10", both are dropped from the list
> > I want scan to keep the "\13" in the list entry.
> >
> > Is this a bug or just a strange feature?
> Not a strange feature, but the documented behaviour (and useful, too).
> You have opened the file in text mode.  If you want to keep CRs, open and
> read in binary mode.
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