[R] how to take derivatives of a step function

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Thanks. Here is some more info that may help:

I am estimating a transformation model H(Y)=Xb+e and have obtained (up 
to a location parameter) an estimated of H(T), call it H_est(T). (Its a 
new estimator I am trying out that works with unspecified functional 
forms etc). Now if the model is a proportional hazard model then the 
integrated hazard is given by exp(H_est(T)) and hence the estimated 
hazard is d/dt(exp(H_est(T))).

Thus, I need to figure out how to evaluate this last expression which is 
based on a step function.

thank a lot, matt.

Bill.Venables at csiro.au wrote:

>It might be helpful to know just why you want to do this.  Just because one
>function is a smooth approximation to another doesn't imply anything about
>the derivatives approximating each other, (well, not much).
>The GENERALIZED derivative of a step function can be written down explicitly
>as the weighted sum of dirac delta functions - in other words it's zero
>'almost everywhere' but goes crazy at the steps.
>Bill Venables.
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>I have estimated a step function and need to take the derivatives of 
>this function at all points in the range. Does anyone know of any clever 
>ways to do this?
>(I have already tried to fit a polynomial through the points in order to 
>obtain a smooth representation and then take derivatives of this. Also 
>tried to smooth it, and used an SG differentiator. Results are rather 
>poor so far, in the sense that you can see from the graph that the 
>derivative function is a straight line but I am getting pretty wavy 
>things back.)
>thanks for any advice, eugene.
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