[R] Fitting compartmental model with nls and lsoda?

Jesus Frias Jesus.Frias at dit.ie
Fri Jan 23 12:29:07 CET 2004

> Now, I am including Richar Upton's 2 cm model implementation and
> Christoffer Tornoe's nls solution (I recommend Christoffer's
> nlmeODE package for these problems also if multi-response data is
> available) The code follows:

Multi-response data?, Is there a way of dealing with those multiresponse
nonlinear regression problems in R (a la Chapter 4 of Bates and Watts, if
possible)?, the only alternative I heard of was in a mail from Douglas
Bates, using optim() and the definition of the Box-Drapper criterion,

 prod(svd(y-f(p1,p2,p3), nu=0, nv=0)$d)^2

if you wish to minimize a matrix of y's in respect to p1,p2 and p3.

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