[R] silhoutte.default bugs

Murad Nayal mn216 at columbia.edu
Thu Jan 22 19:03:03 CET 2004

Martin Maechler wrote:
> >>>>> "Murad" == Murad Nayal <mn216 at columbia.edu>
> >>>>>     on Wed, 21 Jan 2004 15:19:28 -0500 writes:
>     Murad> This might have been fixed in later versions (I am
>     Murad> using R1.7.0),
> yes, the bug has been fixed "long ago",
> from my ChangeLog (!), it was 2003-07-18.

sorry about that. I have been reluctant to upgrade recently for fear of
disrupting my environment while in the middle of a project. as I
mentioned I searched the archive and found posts citing this problem but
no replies stating that it has been fixed (the Nj=1 case).

> I'm still willing to consider your *feature request* (as opposed
> to bug fix) of allowing inputs where the grouping vector does
> contain other than "1:g" .

that would be great. it is straightforward to do and will broaden the
utility of silhouette. I'll send you the suggested patch privately.

best regards,

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