[R] Oracle RODBC/ROracle(W2k)

Christian Schulz ozric at web.de
Wed Jan 21 12:49:44 CET 2004


trying the access to  Oracle via ODBC in Win2k/1.8.1 i have only 2 problems.
(1) number(x,y) formats in oracle result in R-Project as a factor with more 
than  20.000 levels for every distinct value.
My coversion attempts until now failed, i.e.  as.numeric(money)  result
in a:
Error in as.double.default(money) : (list) object cannot coerced to double

(2) A attempt to save a  data.frame result in a:
Error in sqlSave(channel,SAVETTEST,colnames=T)
Missing column name 
Check case conversion parameter in odbcConnect

Now i see the table with headers and without rows in oracle.

Anyboddy know why this error occur(win2k,1.8.1!)?
Installation and compiling of (DBI) and (ROracle) works
fine. Now i try the example from docs:

ora <- dbDriver("Oracle")
Error in .Call("RS_Ora_init",config.params,reload,Package=.OraPkgName)
.Call function name not in load table

Maybe a missing environment variable?

Many thanks for hints to fix this

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