[R] Weird problem with trying to change a variable

Peter Flom flom at ndri.org
Sat Jan 17 05:28:18 CET 2004

Thanks for the responses.  Several people suggested I check that the
numbers are exactly what I think they are (ie. that 5360 is not
5360.00001.  I don't think this is the case (the data were entered in
SAS, then I used DBMS copy to get them to SPSS, and then read.spss to
move them to R), but I will check when I get back to the office (not til

In addition, Dr. Ripley replied

I wrote

> I have a dataframe called cvar, with two variables (among many others)
> called MSA and ACTUP.  Both are numeric.  This was working fine.  Then
> found out that for two MSAs, ACTUP should be 1, not 0.
> so I tried
> cvar$ACTUP[cvar$MSA == 6840] <- 1
> cvar$ACTUP[cvar$MSA == 5360] <- 1
> but when I try 
> table(cvar$MSA, cvar$ACTUP)
> the level of ACTUP for those two MSAs has not changed, and is still 0 

Brian Ripley replied
`The level'?  You said they were numeric, and it is factors which have 

Sorry, I misspoke - I didn't create the data set.  ACTUP is, really, a
two level variable, but was coded (originally in SAS) as 0 1.  when I
did mode(ACTUP) I found that it was numeric.
> when I try
> cvar$ACTUP[cvar$MSA == 5360]
> I get numeric(0)

Dr Ripley
So presumably cvar$MSA == 5360 is entirely false, but I would check, and
would also check the class of cvar$MSA.

when I did mode(MSA) I got that it was numeric

Thanks again


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