[R] Extracting multiple elements from a list

Julian Taylor julian.taylor at adelaide.edu.au
Fri Jan 16 06:20:45 CET 2004

"Waichler, Scott R" wrote:
> Brian described well the operation I would like to do.
> I'm not familiar with do.call() but I'll work on that.
> Yes, ideally I would like to access values throughout a list object
> with fully implict indexing, such as the invalid "alist[[1:2]]$vec[c(2, 4)]".
> Notice I was hoping to subset anywhere in the data structure.
> Since I can't do this subsetting with indexing directly, I was looking for
> handy (and hopefully fast) functions that could be defined
> generically and then called with arguments.  The use of sapply()
> and lapply() with function(i) seem promising, but do not quite
> cover the functionality I was looking for.

The functions sapply() and lapply() have more generality that has been
overlooked in this thread.

This will answer your first question.

> unlist(lapply(alist, function(x, ind = c(2,4)) x$vec[ind]))
[1] 2 4 6 8

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