[R] invoking R scripts from a linux shell ?

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> Hello,
> I have written perl programs that extract data from a
> text file, process them, and create other text files,
> which I'd like to apply some statistics too (for
> example with R).
> I'd like to do it all in once , with a single script.
> I'm not familiar with R, I'd like to know if this task
> could be accomplished by creating a linux shells that
> launches the perl scripts and then "R functions" that
> maybe pass back some results to the system like in
> this schema:
> S ---> Perl
> H <-----
> E ---> R functions
> L <-----
> L

You can run R scripts in batch mode and direct output to file.  That would be by far the simplest.  Or, you could explore RSOAP to run R as a web service which allows creation of R sessions which persist (i.e. the binary data objects stay around) between requests from another application (which could include a Perl script using Perl's soap libraries).  A third option is the Rserve system which allows connection to R sessions using TCP/IP from other software applications.

See the R helpfile on the BATCH command (?BATCH) and/or http:ess.r-project.org/Zope/projects/RSOAP/ and/or http://stats.math.uni-augsburg.de/Rserve/


> Is it possible ?
> Where can I get information to do that? (to call R
> from a shell, in background)
> Are other better way to do that?
> Thank you very much!
> Enrico.
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