[R] rcmd check question.

Ben Bolker bolker at zoo.ufl.edu
Wed Jan 14 22:34:22 CET 2004

  I was getting similar errors, which I finally tracked down to the 

  I had accidentally left an extraneous "test.R" in my pkg/R directory;  
that file contained a system call to an external program that created a
particular file, which I then tried to read into R.  The R code that
triggered the error from .tryQuietly was the attempt to open the file. I
figured this out by stripping the "test.R" file down to

con <- file("test.out","r")

where "test1.bin" is a binary executable that produces a file called 

Wrapping the lines above in a function, so they don't get executed when R 
evaluates the code, also gets rid of the problem.

  Apparently (I surmise) R does find the binary (replacing
system("test.bin") with system("junk") produces a warning message), but
the file that gets created gets cleaned up or put somewhere other than the 
current working directory.

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