[R] Using pam, agnes or clara as prediction models?

Liaw, Andy andy_liaw at merck.com
Wed Jan 14 21:18:10 CET 2004

If pam produces the cluster medoids, you should be able to use the
1-nearest-neighbor classifier for prediction of future data, using the
medoids as the `training' data.  1-NN is available in the `class' package,
part of the `VR' bundle.


> From: Renald Buter
> Hello list,
> I am new to R, so if the question is rather silly, please ignore it.
> I was wondering wether it would be possible to use the models 
> generated
> by pam, clara and the like as predictors? Scanning through 
> the available
> documentation shed no light (for me) upon the subject.
> Regards,
> Renald

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