[R] cca in vegan

Suzanne E. Blatt SuzieBlatt at netscape.net
Wed Jan 14 15:05:28 CET 2004

Hello all,

I'm hoping this is a simple problem.

I'm trying to do cca of my data.  I have my plant data and environmental data as 2 separate files.  I have 3 years of data, stacked vertically, within these files.  I want to conduct the cca for each year and am trying to create separate year files using the following:

cnts94 <- cnts[1:27,]
env94 <- env[1:27,]

when I run

cca(cnts94, env94)

I get the following error message:

Error in cca.default(cnts94, env94): All row and column sums must be >0 in the community matrix

There are no missing data points in the data set.

If I run the whole data set:

cca(cnts, env)

it works, and I can plot and do all the associated stuff.

Why not work if I specify a smaller data set?  Am I specifying it wrong?


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