[R] Manova for repeated measures

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One useful way of looking at she S language, which R implements, is as a
complete programming language with some very powerful operators already
available.  Why not think about putting those operators together to do the
computations that you need to do in this case?  It's not like starting from
scratch in bog Fortran.

I suspect this doesn't help much if you don't know enough about the
computations you need to do, though.  Perhaps there is a hidden message if
that is the case.

End of sermon.

Bill Venables.

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Hi everyone,

I'm posting again, since I haven't got an answer (yet :( ).

According to R help, manova does not support the inclusion of the Error()
term in the formula call. I have repeated measures data for two dependent
variables, so this means I can't account for subject variance in time?. Any

Thanks in advance,

Rodrigo Abt,
Department of Economic Studies,
SII, Chile.

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