[R] Installing the Rcmdr and tclk package

Gerald.Jean@spgdag.ca Gerald.Jean at spgdag.ca
Tue Jan 13 18:32:43 CET 2004

Hello R-users,

Version 1.8.1 on a 64-bit Solaris 5.8 OS

I am trying to instal the Rcmdr package for which the tclk package is
required.  Once both package installed I issued the command:

> library(tcltk)

and received the following error message

Error in firstlib(which.lib.loc, package) :
      Tcl/Tk support is not available on this system
Error in library(tcltk) : .First.lib failed

Upon which I searched for Tcl and Tk on our system and didn't find them,
hence I requested the admin. person to get them from the "sunfreeware" site
and install them.  The packages are now installed under "/usr/local", same
place than R is installed.  If I open a shell and cd to this directory and
type "tcl" at the Unix prompt "tcl" starts.  But if go back in R and try
the "library(tcltk)" command I receive the same error message as above.

I searched the "r-projec", the tcltk documentation and the mail archives in
the hope of finding out if environment variables needed to be set or if I
had missed something else, but I had no luck!

Anyone could point me in the right direction as what needs to be done so
Tcl and Tk become visible to R?

Thank you much,

Gérald Jean
Analyste-conseil (statistiques), Actuariat
télephone            : (418) 835-4900 poste (7639)
télecopieur          : (418) 835-6657
courrier électronique: gerald.jean at spgdag.ca

"In God we trust all others must bring data"  W. Edwards Deming

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