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Redding, Matthew Matthew.Redding at dpi.qld.gov.au
Sat Jan 10 05:25:46 CET 2004

Thanks for your help with this behaviour.

I have tried a few other things, and it looks like it is an issue of using the clipboard to copy it in rather than saving to a 
file then copying.

A bit odd, but maybe nothing to do with R!

Matt Redding

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Hi All,
Thanks to everyone who answered the question!

Just a little more information on the behaviour.

I re-installed the latest version of R, and re-installed version 1.51.

I ran the r program that produces the graph in each of the versions.

The latest version produces compressed text when they are inserted in Word 2000, 
while the older version did not.

I am pretty sure it is a real effect, since it has occured with new installations, the same
r program, and the same version of windows and word. 

I have only tested it with enhanced metafont files, have yet to try it with pdf.

Using pdf is a good call though....usually fixes a lot of word bad behaviour.


Matt Redding

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We are not aware of any related changes between R 1.5.1 and R 1.8.1, and
no one else has reported a problem.  Text strings in R graphics are
plotted directly in the font specified and not as individual letters, so
there is nothing you can do about letter spacing in R.

I would first cross-check that the same fonts have been used in both 
systems (and that includes exact sizes of fonts), then check that a 
metafile viewer (Windows XP comes with one, for example) shows the 
difference.  I am afraid that most of the problems we have investigated 
with metafiles were traced to bugs in Word.

On Fri, 9 Jan 2004, Redding, Matthew wrote:

> Hi All, 
> I've been trying to make some adjustments to the graphics in a paper I wrote some time ago, for which the comments have been 
> returned from the reviewers.
> I always use R for publication graphics...I think it does the best job available, for the things I am interested in.
> I could not get my graphics in R 181 to look the same as the old ones (completed 8 months ago), 
> the text seemed a bit squashed 
> together when I copied graphics as meta-files into word.  
> I have found that by re-installing version 1.51, the graphics look as nice as the previous ones, with the text nicely spaced.
> Is there a "par" parameters that will adjust the letter spacing, so I can use version 181 for this type of job?
> Thanks,
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