[R] Wich character coding for source under Windows?

Prof Brian Ripley ripley at stats.ox.ac.uk
Fri Jan 9 12:46:47 CET 2004

As I said, Rterm/Rgui do no encoding.  If you use cat or sink, the exact 
numeric char you used is written out.  Maybe if you *display* it you see 
something different, but I have already explained that.

Unless you do octal/hex dumps on files you will be confused by display 

On Fri, 9 Jan 2004, Philippe Grosjean wrote:

> OK, now with these infos and some experiment, it appears that the ANSI
> encoding is used by default under Windows for source(), sink(), etc...

No, it is the native encoding.  There is no `ANSI' encoding, but your 
machine is probably set up to use WinANSI (not ANSI).

> That is, if I understand correctly:
> - source() that uses parse(file= ) is assuming nothing, because it just
> reads bytes and the S language uses only characters among the first 128
> ones, which are the same in ANSI or DOS encoding.

Not true: S can use 8-bit characters.

> - sink() is consistent with this behaviour *under RGUI* and uses ANSI, as
> does the default encoding for connections() with getOption("encoding) ==
> 0:255 assumes the same as does sink()
> Now, my problem comes with Rterm... as it is a console program that uses DOS
> encoding under Windows. So, with Rterm, there is a "translation" of the ANSI
> characters sourced from a text file into DOS characters (for instance, those
> in a cat(".....") instruction... and the reverse with sink(). Is this
> inconsistent behaviour between Rgui and Rterm purposedly decided for some
> reasons? Or is it just a consequence of the inconsistence between window
> programs (Rgui) and command line programs (Rterm) under Windows?
> Anyway, how could I use characters encoded over the 128th position in a
> character string with source(), sink(), cat(), etc... and get the same
> behaviour between Rgui and Rterm? Also, I suppose I would have problems with
> such characters in Unix/Linux and MacOS, which would interpret them
> differently?

You *do* get the same behaviour.  If you do example(text) you get the same 
chars in RGui and Rterm, even if 


displays them differently.  That is nothing to do with Rterm, though.

And if you want to transfer files from Windows to another OS, you have to 
tell R on that OS what encoding you used.  That is all.

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