[R] Letter Spacing

Redding, Matthew Matthew.Redding at dpi.qld.gov.au
Fri Jan 9 07:01:39 CET 2004

Hi All, 

I've been trying to make some adjustments to the graphics in a paper I wrote some time ago, for which the comments have been 
returned from the reviewers.

I always use R for publication graphics...I think it does the best job available, for the things I am interested in.

I could not get my graphics in R 181 to look the same as the old ones (completed 8 months ago), 
the text seemed a bit squashed 
together when I copied graphics as meta-files into word.  

I have found that by re-installing version 1.51, the graphics look as nice as the previous ones, with the text nicely spaced.

Is there a "par" parameters that will adjust the letter spacing, so I can use version 181 for this type of job?


Matt R. Redding
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Agency for Food and Fibre Sciences
Department of Primary Industries

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