[R] Installing R on 64-bit Solaris 2.8 --- follow-up

Gerald.Jean@spgdag.ca Gerald.Jean at spgdag.ca
Thu Jan 8 15:52:14 CET 2004

Hello R-users,

thanks to Brian Ripley and Roger Peng for there prompt replies on
installing R on a Solaris 64-bit machine.  R is now running and seems to be
doing fine.  I realy would like to have access to the manuals so I can
climb most of the learning curve on my own -- I am a long time user of
Splus, hence I am not expecting the learning curve to be too steep.  On the
Sun machine that R is installed neither LaTeX, nor pdfLaTeX nor infomake is
installed, hence the manuals could not be built.  I am not administrator of
the machine and the admin. people are vey reluctant to install the required
freeware, I am looking for a workaround.

I have LaTeX and pdfLaTeX installed on my PC, from which I am accessing the
Sun to run Splus, and soon R I hope.  ESS and Emacs are installed on both
machines.  I routinely produce EPS graphs and LaTeX tables on the Sun and
through Emacs import them on the PC and imbed them in my LaTeX
documentation for stats. projects.  My question: is it possible, without
building R on the PC, to build the manuals on the PC either through
bringing parts of the R tree on the Solaris machine or by downloading parts
of the PC distribution from CRAN.  Any pointers in the direction of
instructions on how to proceed would be very highly appreciated.  By the
way, if that could be useful, I also have Cygwin installed on the PC.

Thank you very much for your support,

Gérald Jean
Analyste-conseil (statistiques), Actuariat
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courrier électronique: gerald.jean at spgdag.ca

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