[R] "Smart update" utility (or coding) for data files

Ashutosh Tayshete apt2003 at columbia.edu
Tue Jan 6 02:38:00 CET 2004


I am a new user of R and this is my first e-mail here. Please enlighten me
on any etiquette issues I may have overstepped on.

My questions is as follows:

I need to do some data analysis for data from .csv files for stocks
(that I have obtained from yahoo)

How can I do a "smart update" of this data from Yahoo (or any other
site if you wish), so that in some way, I do not have to go and download
the new data from Excel every day.

I am running my code from a script file. So every time I start the program
I'd like the data to be up-to-date (ofcourse I shall be connected to the
internet.) Is there a utility I can download for this? If not, any hints
on how to code this will be appreciated.

many thanks

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