[R]: isoMDS using

Eugenij P. Altshuler lap0t at yandex.ru
Sat Jan 3 15:54:21 CET 2004

Happy New Year!

I tried to use isoMDS to present graphically matrix of coefficients of
divergence, and I
have seen error "NAs/Infs not allowed in d".

But there no NAs or Inf's in my matrix!
Function `as.vector' (which is applied to test input data with
`!is.finite' ) returns in one case input matrix and in other case returns
sequence of values of input matrix. When it returns matrix I  receive error
"NAs/Infs not allowed in d". When it returns sequence
of values I don't receive this error.

Is it possible to use coefficients of divergence instead dissimilarity?

Thank you!!

Altshuler Eugenij P.
Moscow South-West High School
mailto:lap0t at yandex.ru

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