[R] non-linear trends in kriging model

Paulo Justiniano Ribeiro Jr paulojus at est.ufpr.br
Tue Sep 30 14:46:09 CEST 2003


Indeed, the trend term in geoR must be a linear one.
You can:
1) fit you model by alternating between using nls() and passing the
residuals to the functions in geoR
2) try trying to fit using the functions in the nlme() package


On Tue, 30 Sep 2003, David Pleydell wrote:

> Hi
> I am struggling to fit a non-linear trend using the
> likfit function in geoR.
> Specifically I want a sigmoidal function, something
> like SSfpl in the nls package to fit the trend.  But
> it seems trend.spatial in geoR only works with lm or
> glm type models.
> Any ideas how I can specify the model to calculate the
> kriging parameters using REML, including the
> parameters of a sigmoidal trend function (such as
> SSfpl)?
> Thanks
> David
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