[R] Slide Show at ground zero from one of my R using students

Paul E Johnson pauljohn at ku.edu
Tue Sep 30 00:43:50 CEST 2003

In case you have students who want try out R, this may help. One of my 
students, Jeff Morrow, made a PowerPoint Slide Show.  He was trying to 
follow along with this little tutorial I made for people who want to 
test out R:


Jeff became intrigued and frustrated. Import of Excel data failed 
because the saved file output from Excel had commas inside the numbers. 
  That sent him chasing his tail in frustration because the import 
seemed fine, but the numbers were treated as factor data and plots were 
bizarre. That made him angry and determined enough to work out the kinks.

So in case you are a student interested to see what R is about from the 
very beginning level, or you are a professor and want to see know how 
your beginning students will see it, this might be a good place:


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