[R] Help needed: plotting with no device

Jason Turner jasont at indigoindustrial.co.nz
Mon Sep 29 23:32:58 CEST 2003

Ross Boylan wrote:

> On Mon, Sep 29, 2003 at 05:09:49PM -0400, Ben Bolker wrote:
>>  Can you use save.image() to rescue your results?
>>  I would try save.image(file="salvage.RData") and see if the file 
>>appears.  Otherwise I would say you're probably out of luck.
> The problem is I can't get back to the command prompt, so I can't do
> save.image() or anything else.

It may be possible to reconstruct the state from a core dump.  I say 
"may" with not much confidence it'll be worth the effort, but it might 
be possible.

Only problem is, there's no way I know under Linux to dump core and 
continue; you only get one shot at it.

man 7 signal on my SuSE box gives a list of which signals cause a 
process to dump core.  After that, you'll have to find a Local Guru to 
pick it apart - and R's memory structures aren't trivial.

It might be easier to start again.

Hope it helps

Indigo Industrial Controls Ltd.
jasont at indigoindustrial.co.nz

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