[R] Statistician position, R lovers encouraged

Jim Rogers jrogers at cantatapharm.com
Mon Sep 29 16:17:10 CEST 2003

Come help us do pioneering work on a novel biochemical profiling

     Cantata Pharmaceuticals, a small biotechnology company located in
Cambridge, MA is seeking a Ph.D. statistician to work on its biomarker
discovery projects and clinical diagnostic applications.
Responsibilities include development and implementation of supervised
learning methods, exploratory data analysis, experimental design, and
presentation of results and statistical methods to scientists and
investors. Must be creative and have strong, broad foundation in
statistical theory, but must also be willing to spend time on data flow
automation and quality control. Demonstrated facility with either S (S+
or R) or Matlab is required. Management supportive of open source
development. Experience working with genomic and post-genomic
technologies is highly desirable. 

Email CV and cover letter to jobs at cantatapharm.com , to the attention of
Jim Rogers. 

James A. Rogers, Ph.D. <rogers at cantatapharm.com>
Statistical Scientist
Cantata Pharmaceuticals
300 Technology Square, 5th floor
Cambridge, MA  02139
617.225.9009 x312
Fax 617.225.9010

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