[R] Help regarding repeated measures needed.

Fredrik Karlsson fredrik.karlsson at ling.umu.se
Sun Sep 28 20:43:45 CEST 2003

Dear list, 

I feel that I have to contact you for help with the data set I
collected. It concerns longitudinal data from acoustic measurements
conducted at monthly invervals during the development of a group of
children. In the synchronic perspective, I have found that it is highly
unlikely that the data is normally distributed. Furthermore, other
studies have shown a decreasing variance with increasing age.

So, what I want to ask you is: 

1) What do I do with this data. Is it possible to do statistical
analysis on this?

2) What approach do you recommend? What are the potential draw-backs?

3) Do you have some litterature suggestions for me?

4) If there is something that I can do, is it implemented in R? 

I'm sure that you can tell that I would be happy for any help I could
get on this issue.

/Fredrik Karlsson

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