[R] a. crossing branches with hclust, b. plot.dendrogram

Petra Steiner petra at icsi.berkeley.edu
Sat Sep 27 00:06:59 CEST 2003


a. when I use hclust with the methods media, centroid, and mcquitty,
and plot the results,  the dendrograms have lines that are crossing each
other. Is this ok?

b. My next question refers to plot.dendrogram: How can I use parameters
as "hang" or "cex" here? E.g. for

st <- as.dendrogram(subtreeshc[[x]])

I would like to have something like this, where cex and hang would work:

plot(st, frame.plot=F, cex = 0.4, hang = 0, sub = "", xlab = "",
ylab="", main = paste("Distance: ", me, " - Clustering Method: ",
mecl, " - Subtree ", x, collapse="", sep=""))

Thanks and best regards,


  Petra Steiner
  International Computer Science Institute (ICSI)
  1947 Center Street, Berkeley, CA, 94704-1198, USA

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