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> ... the intention
> is to find a style that avoid problems like yours, where it says that
> you should avoid periods in function names except if you use it for S3
> class methods. Feedback is appreciated.

One possible argument against this is the fact that 851 of the 1655
objects in base use a period in their name.

OK, well, not really that many because this list includes a lot of bona
fide S3 class methods - but it also includes sys.*, unix.*, win.* and
to mention data.frame (which is of course NOT a method of the 
function data). And help.start. Then there is read.* which is to some 
extent S3-class-like in that the read method is set by .* but it is 
called explicitly, rather than according to the class of the first 

So, I don't see universal support for  your .* proposal ... and I'm
not going to rewrite my old code...

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