[R] polar plotting of complex quantities

Olivier ETERRADOSSI Olivier.Eterradossi at ema.fr
Fri Sep 26 15:22:38 CEST 2003

Hello to everybody,
... and sorry if the question has already been answered.

I am dealing with complex numbers and need a way of plotting them on 
angular plots (2D and 3D). Is there a package that already manage this, 
or can somebody in this R-world who could help me with his skill ?

Thanks to all. Have a nice week-end !

Olivier Eterradossi
Ph.D., "PsychoSensory Properties of Materials" Team
Research Center on Materials - Alès School of Mines
Hélioparc, 2 av. P. Angot, F-64053 PAU CEDEX 9 - France

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