[R] R Production Performance

Laurent Faisnel laurent.faisnel at ariase.com
Tue Sep 23 10:10:31 CEST 2003

Zitan Broth wrote:
> Greetings All,
> Been playing with R and it is very easy to get going with the UI or infile batch commands :-)
> What I am wondering is how scalable and fast R is for running as part of a web service.  I believe R is written in C which is a great start, but what are peoples general thoughts on this?
> Thanks greatly,
> Z.

I use R in such a way. R is called by dynamic pages written in PHP, 
performs a calculation and writes results in a XML file. Results are 
then read by other pages. Performances still could be better but I 
haven't tried every solution yet (RSOAP seems very interesting). MySQL 
database access is made thanks to RMySQL.
Anyway, R is not incompatible with such projects.

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