[R] Updating a linear model

Paul Meagher paul at datavore.com
Mon Sep 22 21:02:56 CEST 2003

My google search for Plackett's Algorithm didn't return too much except that
Plackett's algorithm appears to be useful in Control Theory - it is
elaborated as "Plackett's algorithm for on-line recursive least squares
estimation".  Sounds something like what I want.

I am looking at developing a user modelling type app (new data points coming
in and wanting to dynamically update regression co-efficients for each user)
which could be viewed as a type of control problem.


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> As Thomas Lumley just said, there's nothing implemented in R.  The
> updating procedure is well-known and worked out; it is (in my
> experience) referred to as ``Plackett's Algorithm''.
> The reference I have to hand for this --- should you wish to roll
> your own --- is:
> Rao, C. Radhakrishna, Linear Statistical Inference and Its
> Applications, John Wiley \& Sons, New York, 1968,  page 29,
> Exercise 2.8
> There are --- almost surely --- better references, but I don't
> know them.
> cheers,
> Rolf Turner
> rolf at math.unb.ca

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