[R] Logit and Probit for Panel data

John Fox jfox at mcmaster.ca
Sat Sep 20 15:55:02 CEST 2003

Dear Sundar and Christoph,

The glmmPQL function in the MASS package will fit generalised linear mixed 
models (appropriate, e.g., for longitudinal data), as will the GLMM 
function in the lme4 package. I believe that there are some other 
facilities for doing so as well, but they don't come to mind.

I hope that this helps,

At 07:49 AM 9/20/2003 -0500, Sundar Dorai-Raj wrote:
>See ?glm and ?binomial.
>Chrhanck at aol.com wrote:
>>Dear R users/experts,
>>I've heard it's possible to estimate the above kinds of models in R. 
>>However, after (an admittedly brief) survey of the packages, I haven't 
>>found an obvious candidate. Can you offer any help? (Yes I'm a newby.)
>>Yours sincerely
>>Christoph Hanck
>>Studentische Hilkskraft
>>Lehrstuhl für Empirische Wirtschaftsforschung, Prof. Dr. Wilfling

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