[R] survreg distributions

Olivia Lau olau at fas.harvard.edu
Fri Sep 19 19:37:05 CEST 2003


I need to find out if the exponential, weibull, and log-normal
distributions in the survreg package use the same
parameterizations as in the functions rexp, rweibull, and
rlnorm.  I have looked at the R-help and Venables & Ripley
(2002), and they have different functional forms for the
Weibull, for example.

If the parameterizations are different, is there an easy way to
use the link function to take random draws from the survreg

In addition, does anyone know what the functional form for the
lognormal is, with respect to the survreg package?  I looked in
VR (p. 353), but I can't seem to map that parameterization (in
terms of tau and lambda) onto the standard lognormal

Any advice is greatly appreciated.


Olivia Lau.

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