[R] Evaluating outer observations in an lme object.

Spencer Graves spencer.graves at pdf.com
Fri Sep 19 15:57:18 CEST 2003

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CG Pettersson wrote:

>Hello everybody!
>I´m working with a dataset from twelve fertilizer trials, where the
>technical fertilizer product and application method, but not the
>intensity of fertilization, is varied. (I´m using R1.7.1 and W2000.)
>The call:
>ejna1t4b.lme <- lme( Yield ~ TrCode, data = ejna1t4,
>+                       random = ~ 1 | Trial/Block)
>works as far as I can understand well, the Block structure of the
>trials is used efficiently and everything looks nice according to
>plots of the object.
>Now I want to evaluate the influence of observations from the
>different experimental places (for example soil analyses or rainfall)
>- Could I do that without skipping the Trial/Block structure, or do I
>have to start from scratch again? The observed values will naturally
>only have one level for each Trial, so the term Trial/Block will host
>the effects of all observed (and unobserved) phenomena in each trial.
>Now I want to know where the effects come from.
>I´ve been looking for a text on this, both in MASS and Pinheiro &
>Bates, without finding any. Any hints of where to look?
>CG Pettersson, MSci, PhD Stud.
>Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
>Dep. of Ecology and Crop Production. Box 7043
>SE-750 07 Uppsala
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