[R] Save object R with tkgetSaveFile

solares@unsl.edu.ar solares at unsl.edu.ar
Thu Sep 18 17:34:12 CEST 2003

HI, my question is about the function tkgetSavefile not save any file, for 
example the next script run OK but
not save the file who i like to save, how i cant to save and object R with 
tkgetSaveFile, how i use the
function save(objet, file="foo.R") with tkgetSaveFile ¿What is the error?. 
I'm work with R 1.7.1

filetypes <- list("{Texto {.txt}} {Word {.doc}} {Pdf {.pdf}} {Postscript 
{.ps}} {fuente C{.C}} {Eps {.eps}} {Latex {.tex}} {Todos 
fileD <- tkgetSaveFile
save(x,file="foo.R") #how i cant merge tkgetSaveFile with function "save" 
for to save the object "x"?
thanks Ruben

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