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Yes, and I was wrong to say ylim=NULL was "more useful", I should 
have said "much easier to understand and much easier to read,
debug and maintain". Of course for certain applications it IS worth
getting to grips with "...", and other people's posts have
been extremely useful in that regard.

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>   Yes, although this becomes tedious if (e.g.) you have a 
> function that 
> calls two different functions, each of which has many arguments (e.g. 
> plot() and barplot(); then you have to set up a whole lot of 
> arguments 
> that default to NULL and, more annoyingly, you have to 
> document them all
> in any .Rd file you create -- rather than just having a ... argument
> which 
> you can say should contain arguments for either of the 
> subfunctions (as 
> long as the arguments don't overlap, of course)
>   Ben

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