[R] Retrieve ... argument values

huan.huang@bnpparibas.com huan.huang at bnpparibas.com
Tue Sep 16 16:13:42 CEST 2003

Dear R users,

I want to retrieve "..." argument values within a function. Here is a small

myfunc <- function(x, ...)
      if (hasArg(ylim))  a <- ylim
      plot(x, ...)

x <- rnorm(100)
myfunc(x, ylim=c(-0.5, 0.5))
Error in myfunc(x, ylim = c(-0.5, 0.5)) : Object "ylim" not found

I need to retrieve values of "ylim" (if it is defined when function is called) for later use in the function. Can anybody give me some hint?

Thanks a lot.


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