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> From: Anne Piotet [mailto:Anne.Olga.Piotet at omsv.vd.ch] 
> Hello!
>     After a presentation of some statistical analysis of 
> process datas, (where the few  R possibilities I was able to 
> show made quite a big impression), I was asked if it was 
> possible to program a statistical  application which could be 
> used directly by the end user.
> Such an application would include a userfriendly interface 
> (developped in C++), a db , a core statistical program, 
> standard output; the necessary queries and statistical 
> procedures would be interactively generated from the user 
> input by the C++ program.  As I do not intend to reprogram 
> the necessary statistical functions if I can help it, I'm 
> interested to know if
> a) it is possible to integrate R in such a way?
> b) naturally as I would sell the end product, what the 
> royalties arrangements are

Others will know more about this, but that never stopped me from tossing in
my $0.02...

As R is licensed as GPL, if you distribute (e.g., sell) your code, it will
have to be GPL'ed as well.  I believe that means while you can sell it for

1. You have to make it clear to whomever get the code that it's GPL'ed.
2. You have to distribute the source code, or allow a way for people to get
source code.
3. You can not restrict further distribution of the code, free or otherwise.

My understanding of how RedHat deals with this (at least in their enterprise
server product) is by tacking on GPL a term that whoever installed their
software agrees to purchase service/support contract from them.  Another
company that has a software linked to R does similar thing, by not selling
the "software", but the "service" (installation and training).


> c) has anybody in the list experience with such a project?
> Thanks for the help!
> Anne
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