[R] Interfacing C++ , MysQL and R

Philippe Glaziou glaziou at pasteur-kh.org
Tue Sep 16 10:16:16 CEST 2003

Anne Piotet <Anne.Olga.Piotet at omsv.vd.ch> wrote:
> After a presentation of some statistical analysis of
> process datas, (where the few R possibilities I was able
> to show made quite a big impression), I was asked if it
> was possible to program a statistical application which
> could be used directly by the end user.
> Such an application would include a userfriendly interface
> (developped in C++), a db , a core statistical program,
> standard output; the necessary queries and statistical
> procedures would be interactively generated from the user
> input by the C++ program.  As I do not intend to reprogram
> the necessary statistical functions if I can help it, I'm
> interested to know if

> a) it is possible to integrate R in such a way?

I have on one of my institution's Linux servers R tightly
integrated with a fairly large PostgreSQL database accessed
from our LAN through a web interface (mostly php scripts),
with buttons to create monthly and annual reports generated
by R through RPgSQL. 

The output is a pdf file that goes to the email address that
the user provides, it takes 5 to 15 minutes to get the file,
depending on the CPU load. There is no C++ code there
because I do not see any need for it. It works well, and
users are very satisfied. Reports look good because they are
compiled with LaTeX. It would be fairly easy to let the user
create specific reports with his own particular queries. I am
very happy with that system, because I get very few requests
for help, and all the reports are timely sent to the MoH.

I am sure that many other members of this list have set up
much more sophisticated systems integrating R and

> b) naturally as I would sell the end product, what the
> royalties arrangements are

I let this to the GPL experts.

Philippe Glaziou
Pasteur Institute of Cambodia

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