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I was using png() last week and also found it was very slow. But if you

win.metafile('C:/temp/filename.png', width = 9, height = 10)

It will speed up quite a lot. But one thing I don't understand is I always get truncated graph (I lost a bit at the right end of the plot). I make up
a very long title for the graph and then I get an entire graph. I guess I must miss something here.

Hope this helps.


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Dear all,

for an interactive web application i need to produce a lot of graphics (up
to 50) on demand.
In the moment i'm using the png format.

The png()
...using png(file="Rplot%03d.png", ...); 'plots' ; dev.off()...
produces very good graphics. The problem is it takes too long to produce
png files.
The bitmap()
...using bitmap(file="Rplot%03d.png", type="type = "png256",...); 'plots';
works really fast. But on my system the quality is poor compared with png()
even with a higher resolution than 72.

I'm using R 1.7.0 on Windows NT ; Ghostscript 8.00

1) Is there a possibility to speed up the png()
    or to improve the quality of the png produced by bitmap()

2) How is it possible to give "names" to the png files (if producing more
than one plot) instead of Name+serial number like Rplot%03d.png

Any help would be appreciated


schnitzlerj at gmx.de

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