[R] converting dataframe columns to vector and missing values

Bock, Michael MBock at arcadis-us.com
Fri Sep 12 19:01:46 CEST 2003

I am relatively new to R, but very pleased with what I can do with it so
I am embarrassed to ask what seems like a simple question but I am at my
wits end. Basically I have written a function to calculate a bootstrapped
statistic on a list of values. The function works perfectly if I can feed it
the right data. I am exporting data into R as a dataframe and then assigning
each column to the list and running the function use a for loop. The problem
is what is the best way to convert the columns to a list. The column names
and the number of columns will vary depending on the dataset. I am currently
converting the dataframe to a matrix and the assigning each column of the
matrix to the list in turn:

#InputData is the dataframe
RunTests <- function (InputData) 
	n <- length(InputData)
	Chem <- colnames(InputData)
	for (i in 1:n){
		print (Chem[i])
		Data <- data.matrix(InputData)
		x <- Data[,n]
		UCL <- HallBoot(x)
		print (UCL)

Although this works some of the time, missing values are not removed. This
is a huge problem as the number of observation is each column is quite
variable. Obviously the na.omit is not working the way I expect. Any help
would be appreciated, including a whole new approach to sending the data to
the HallBoot function.

Michael J. Bock, PhD.
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