[R] factor creation

anne.piotet@urbanet.ch anne.piotet at urbanet.ch
Fri Sep 12 10:00:40 CEST 2003

Another newbie question....
  I want to create a factor (say cT)from a numerical variable (sy temp) by 
regrouping the values in classes (say cT <390, [390,400[,[400,409[...>=550)

Is there a simple way of doing that using the factor function?

AND I do not find how to manipulate strings (I want to concatenete characters 
strings ("abkdas","chjw") into something like ("abkdas;chjw")what operators are 
available for strings manipulation and where do I find help??

Thanks a lot to you all


Anne Piotet
av Jomini 1
1004 lausanne

tél: +41 21 646 41 32

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