[R] coef names in lm

Jean Eid jeaneid at chass.utoronto.ca
Wed Sep 10 22:28:25 CEST 2003

Dear all,
I am interested in finding out how to change the names of coefficients in
the lm function. I have a design matrix which I called "design" where each
variate has its own name. However when I issue the command:

lm.1<-lm(response~design-1, weights=some.weights)

and follow it with:


it seems to paste as a character the names of the variates
with design i.e I have something like:

as names of coefficients and instead I just wanted to be
it seems to do

P.S.. the reason I need this is because I am using the xtable library to
turn output into latex tables and do not want to manually delete each and
every single "design" word in the coefficients name vector.

Thank you so much for any feedback,

Jean Eid

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