[R] insert eps into microsft word

Gavin Simpson gavin.simpson at ucl.ac.uk
Wed Sep 10 21:26:00 CEST 2003

Depending on your version of Word that simply is *not* true!

I can't test this here (I now have Word XP/2002) but my colleagues have 
Word 97 on their college-supplied service (yes, really!) and despite not 
being able to see a preview, they can quite happily import eps files I 
have produced during the course of my work. Admitedly a blank box in 
word is not the most user-friendly thing to work with, but this old 
version of Word will happily deal with the postscript produced.

Having used Word 2000 and XP during the course of writing a PhD thesis 
that used R-generated plots extensively, I know first hand how easy it 
is to deal with eps files from R in Word.

My setup involves using Ghostscript/GSView on Windows XP to view the eps 
plots I produce in R and then import them into Word XP (the eps filter 
now seems to add a preview for you), but if you have an earlier word 
version, GSView can easily add a preview for you.

Also, onefile = TRUE does *not* produce eps files.

I quote from ?postscript :

  onefile: logical: if true (the default) allow multiple figures in one
           file.  If false, generate a file name containing the page
           number and use an EPSF header and no `DocumentMedia' comment.

It is a bit confusing, but onefile = TRUE is for producing multi-page 
postscript documents, i.e. put all the plots to follow into a single 
postscript doc with (possibly) more than a single page.

I know a number of people have suggested using a windows metafile. 
Whilst this might offer a solution to your problem, unless you are using 
a very-out-of-date version of Word I cannot see the advantages of using 
metafiles over postscript.



Karim Elsawy wrote:

> it seems that word can not read encapsupalted postscripts generated by R
> I used this command
> postscript("output.eps",horizontal=F,onefile=TRUE)
> since onefile=TRUE produces an encapsualted postscript
> actually what I'm trying to do is to insert the postsript file into a
> word document
> since other formats like jpeg and bmp do not reproduce the same quality
> like postscript
> formats
> any suggestions are very much appreciated
> Karim
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