[R] Making R packages (Unix)

Gattuso, Jean-Pierre gattuso at obs-vlfr.fr
Tue Sep 9 18:25:22 CEST 2003


I have have taken over from a colleague who 
prepared an R package and failed to build it on 
Windows. I am doing this with unix as I am a mac 
user. Below is the output I get when I use the 
build command:

[gattuso:unix/R/CO2.Rcheck] gattuso% R CMD build CO2
* checking for file 'CO2/DESCRIPTION' ... OK
* preparing 'CO2':
* checking whether 'INDEX' is up-to-date ... NO
* use '--force' to overwrite the existing 'INDEX'
* removing junk files
* building 'CO2_1.0.tar.gz'
tar: Unable to access 
<No such file or directory>
tar: WARNING! These file names were not selected:
CO2_1.0.tar: No such file or directory

I have read the R-exts.pdf document but did not 
find what I do wrong. In fact, there is little 
information on the use of R CMD build, both in 
the R-exts.pdf document and the man (R CMD build 
--help) pages.

Do I need to make the CO2_1.0.tar file myself?

Your help would be much appreciated!


Jean-Pierre Gattuso | mailto:gattuso at obs-vlfr.fr 
| http://www.obs-vlfr.fr/~gattuso

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