[R] Cross-platform compatibility with R?

Joseph Ortiz jortiz at kent.edu
Tue Sep 9 18:13:37 CEST 2003

Dear All,

I'm a newbie to R having just switched from S-Plus.

I was able to port my files from S-Plus for Linux to R for OSX using 
the S-Plus "data.dump", and the R "data.restore" commands. I've decided 
that I like R enough to install it on my Linux box, but I can't figure 
out an easy way to get multiple files from my OSX macintosh R 
environment to a Linux install of R, as there does not appear to be a 
"data.dump" command in R.

I tried to use tar to archive my directories and binary .Rdata files 
and simply extract them to a new machine. This works fine going from 
one OSX machine to another, but does not work going from OSX to Linux, 
presumably due to binary file or directory incompatibilities.

Does anyone have any suggestions for a work around to this problem?


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