[R] How to convert a Rd file into multi html files?

Paul Gilbert pgilbert at bank-banque-canada.ca
Tue Sep 9 16:12:55 CEST 2003

The R packaging programs expect one .Rd file for each function, all in 
the man directory. Installing the package converts each .Rd file into an 
html file as well as other documentation formats.

There was once some discussion of allowing multiple functions to be 
documented in a single file, but I believe that has never been done. 
Maintaining a number of packages I find it somewhat inconvenient to deal 
with the very large number of source files this system implies, so I 
have another directory I call mansrc, which does not get included in 
packages. This directory has one file I call  whatever.help, where 
"whatever"  corresponds to  a code file R/whatever.R that contains code 
for multiple functions. I then process this through a perl script to 
produce man/*.Rd files that are included in packages.  I would be happy 
to supply the perl script, but it sounds like you have already written 
your own. I doubt that my system is worth the extra complexity unless 
you are documenting a large number of functions.

Paul Gilbert

Yiming Zhou wrote:

>I wrote all documents for each objects in my package in one .Rd file. Now I can't convert the .Rd file into multi html files such that a html file corresponds a object in package. 
>The command I used was ' R CMD Rdconv -t html foo.Rd'. It just converted the document of first object in .Rd into html format.
>I had to write a perl script to satisfy myself. But is there a more direct and simple way to do it?
>Thank you very much.
>your sincerely,
>Yiming Zhou

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