[R] 1.7.1 console unresponsive following "paste into"

Douglas G. Scofield d.scofield at umiami.edu
Mon Sep 8 20:55:09 CEST 2003

Dear R Help,

I've just installed 1.7.1 and have found that the console now exhibits
odd behavior when I paste commands into it.  I'm on a PC running Windows
XP Professional.

I use Word as my script editor, and then paste commands into the R
console using the standard Windows "copy" within Word then "paste"
within Rgui.  This worked without a hitch in 1.7.0, but now in 1.7.1 the
Rgui is unresponsive to keyboard input following the paste.  I can paste
again and the R Console responds to the newly pasted commands, but still
not to the keyboard.  Try it with the following commands:

   t <- 22/7
   t * t

The odd thing is, if I iconify R Console within RGui, then restore it, I
can then use the keyboard.  If I maximize R Console, then restore it, it
works *sometimes*.  And this is not particular to Word, as I just pasted
the above lines from this Outlook window and the same problem occurred.


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